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Because broken crayons can still colour

Welcome to Hidden Lives

Who we are

Hidden Lives serves as a vital support hub for individuals facing hidden disabilities, chronic illnesses, and chronic pain conditions. While much attention has been given to assisting those with more visible disabilities, individuals with less apparent disabilities often struggle to receive the necessary support and understanding. The phrase "You don't look disabled to me" has been uttered to nearly every member of our group at some point in their lives. This type of mindset and lack of awareness is what has led many in our group to choose a more isolated lifestyle, hesitant to venture outside their homes.

This must change

Our goal is not only to offer support and create a comfortable space for individuals to express themselves, but also to educate and assist businesses in understanding the challenges related to Hidden Disabilities. By implementing minor workplace adjustments, every business has the opportunity to fully harness the potential of their employees and enhance the experience for customers with Hidden Disabilities.

The individual

At Hidden Lives, we are devoted to offering our clients a safe and non-judgmental space to openly discuss their feelings and fears. Whether in one-on-one counselling or group support meetings, individuals are encouraged to share their experiences and conditions with others who may have similar life situations.

The Work place

Hidden Lives is dedicated to assisting businesses in providing support for their employees. This can be achieved through workshops, on-site visits, and mediation. It is a means of helping businesses demonstrate their support for unseen disabilities, enabling them to adjust their work practices to better accommodate their employees and customers. Many clients may hesitate to seek assistance, while employers may be unaware of the support they can offer their employees. This is where our expertise can make a difference.

Our pledge

At the core of Hidden Lives are its Four Pledges, which serve as a commitment to aiding clients, families, the community, and businesses in making a difference in the lives of individuals impacted by chronic illnesses, disabilities, and mental health concerns.

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