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As Covid continues to spread and we start the 3rd lockdown in the UK Hidden Lives counsellor Laura gives us some practical tips to feel less anxious and worried

Keep in touch with people

When staying at home and in isolation, its important to stay connected and maintain your social networks as best you can. Stay in regular contact by phone, email, text and social media. Try to keep to your routine of calling family on Sunday or chatting with friends on Friday night.

Limit the news

Is the news contributing to your anxiety? is the constant stream of corona reports making you distressed? Consider limiting the amount of news watched. It is important to keep up to date but try to stick to the more trusted sources like BBC, Sky or the NHS. This will steer you away from any misinformation. Try to only check at specific times, maybe just once or twice a day.

Have a break from Corona!

Avoid social media posts about the pandemic by muting key words, hiding specific groups and avoid clicking on the #coronavirus. It doesn't have to be for a long time, but a break for a while will help if it is becoming overwhelming.

Focus on the now

These are uncontrollable events so focus on the things in your life that you can control. Try not to worry about the future, its the now you should focus on. 

Take notice of the sights, sounds, tastes and other sensory experiences in your immediate moment and name them. Practice other mindfulness activities that will help you stay grounded when things start to get out of your control. Visit the Hidden Lives Facebook page for more grounding techniques.

Have a nature bath!!  go out if you can and spend some time immersed in nature, breathe it in and get muddy feet.

Follow the government guidelines in healthy eating, sleep, exercise and stay hydrated.

Pay attention to your feelings and needs. Its ok to rest, its ok to have a time out from home schooling. Take time out to do something for yourself like read a book or watch a movie.

Try to keep things in perspective. Remember Hidden Lives is here to support you so please give us a msg or call if you need our help.



Whilst no diet has been shown to help experts recommend to lose weight, avoid drinking too much coffee and tea. 
Healthy body, healthy mind. 🍏🍊🍎

Also treatments like massage , acupuncture and physiotherapy can all soothe pain and raise morale. But only you will know 100% if you are benefiting. 

Some of the biggest benefits is exercise, reducing mental stress and sound sleep these are key to reducing pain and fatigue of Fibro. 

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