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Be Seen
Be Heard
Be Supported
Be Understood

Be Safe

Compassion is required from employers to fully understand their customers and staff, for there to be a strong network in place for hidden disabilities. It's vital a safe, private and neutral environment can be created in order for employers and employees to feel safe enough to express themselves and any concerns. When people are trying to express ailments of a personal nature, it's important that they are welcomed and feel safe to do so.

Be Heard

Employer's need to give the time to listen as feeling unheard is a major problem for sufferers of hidden disabilities. As isolation and frustration becomes more prevalent, stress levels increase. Employees will feel safe and understood just by expressing their situations, its important to be heard.

Be Supported

Having knowledge of individual situations and symptoms and be willing to adapt will increase the working relationship and get the best efficiency from your staff, resulting in the best productivity for your business.

This is the best way to support individuals and business goals. We aim for all employers to understand symptoms and be mindful of the staff and various conditions.

Be Connected

Having a working relationship where your staff can feel comfortable to speak is vital. By connecting on this level, we hope to break down embarrassment and have people openly be able to ask for assistance, and not feel if they can't talk about ailments. By building a strong connection with good communications will re-enforce trust and provide a better working environment for people with disabilities.

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